Brass Sung Hu Lamp

Late Western Chou Dynasty Design (9th - 8th centures B.C.) 

This particular table lamp has a base that is a replica of a ritual vessel for holding wine in ancient China. This replica vessel has an oval squarish body with looped handles which are shaped as an animal. Rings are attached to the loops to give dimension to the decorative base. The body is adorned with a dragon motif and capped at both ends with lacquered wood. The original "hu" vessels date back to the Shang and Chou periods. The base is hand casted brass with natural green verdigris patina finish. The lamp is paired with a lamp shade. This unique design is guaranteed to liven up any room. 

  •  100W max.
  • Use energy saving CFL / LED for best results.
  • No two are exactly alike


Lamp       15.0 x 13.0 x 35.0 cm
Overall     59.0 cmH 



CAD $450.00

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