Polychrome Double Layered Vase

This openwork vase is made of porcelain in traditional Chinese Doucai (joined colours) technique. This vase is a 2 piece design where the internal sleeve can be removed for filling or displayed separately. The main body design is made up of birds, flowers or landscape which represents prosperity. The openwork designs are chrysanathumum flowers which represents longevity. The colored interlaced flowers design are interconnected to form an inticate pattern around the vase which is recognized as continuity or longevity also. Hidden on the surface of the inner sleeve is a detailed picture of flowers and birds or flowers and children playing. Great detail and a unique design makes this a beatiful piece of decor for any home.

  • Origin    Porcelain Capital of China - Jingdezhen
  • Your choice of wooden stand.

15.0 x 15.0 x 27.0 cm



CAD $150.00

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